What's New in Fuzy [May 2023] 

What's New in Fuzy [May 2023] 

May 31, 2023

May 31, 2023

We continue to expand Fuzy's ability to focus product teams on what matters most and give greater context as they form hypotheses, make opportunity cost tradeoffs, and ruthlessly prioritize for outcomes.  Here's a look at some of the updates from May:


Targets anchors the power of Fuzy's automated insight detection to strategic areas of importance for their business and their product.Understand what's impacting key milestone actions, use cases, and featuresDiscover correlated behaviors to metrics (like revenue, retention, expansion) Identify interactions and pathways that distinguish those who attain a targetCompare outcomes by segmentSee relevant anomalies impacting that target

Datadog RUM Integration

We added this new integration and onboarded customers using this eventing source.


Our new charting library handles more customizations and the ability to "layer data" on the fly for greater context as you interact with insights. This flexibility paves the way for additional capabilities (coming soon!). 

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A Magical Moment Discovered by Fuzy ✨

The Customer: Founder @ B2C Marketplace

Outcome: Increase Conversion

Fuzy Insight: "Users who interact with Profile-Edit Bio are 101.25% more likely to send offer within one day of their join date.

Action + Result: Added copy to Create Bio step encouraging users to add a picture to increase trade completion success that led to a 2% increase to Edit Bio and 10% increase in key user revenue transaction.

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