What's New in Fuzy [September 2023]

What's New in Fuzy [September 2023]

Sep 25, 2023

Sep 25, 2023

The Fuzy team dropped some big things this summer and continues to make strides in enhancing existing features to streamline product insights, user engagement, and search experience.

 Here's a look at what's new from August and September:

Fuzy Copilot: Collaborative Insights in Slack

Fuzy Copilot is your AI analyst, available round the clock to answer your product- and customer-related questions without leaving Slack. Ask follow-up questions to dive deeper into insights. Share messages to channels to socialize insights and discuss as a team. Download data right from Slack. Seamlessly jump into the Fuzy app for in-depth analysis or larger datasets.

Anomalies: Root Cause Analysis

Anomalies impacting the same objects are now combined into a single insight. We also added a breakdown view of user Segments and Accounts that contributed to or were impacted by the anomaly. This means fewer anomaly alerts, more context, and faster root cause analysis.

Accounts: Enhanced Visibility, Targeted Engagement.

Across the past several months, we heard consistent feedback about the need for easier cross-pollination of insights to those front-line teams responsible for driving customer adoption and value. Much of what we heard was that Ops is overwhelmed, and Customer Success and Growth teams are "flying blind" or relying on "best guess" health scores and PQLs to get ahead of renewal risk, revenue contraction, and identify expansion opportunities.  In Fuzy Accounts, you now get instant visibility into feature- and use case-level utilization to prioritize better and focus efforts on high-impact engagement. There's a lot more to come as we roll out the full CX solution. Stay tuned! 

Search: Intuitive and Flexible Filtering

Global Search now has more intuitive string matching, flexible filtering, and column sorting on all tables in Fuzy.

A Magical Moment Discovered by Fuzy ✨

  • The Customer: Director of Product @ B2B SaaS

  • Outcome: Increase Activation of PLG Onboarding 

  • Fuzy Insight: "Accounts who interact with the "How It Works video 2-6x are 18.13% more likely to remain active beyond 14 days of joining."

  • Action + Result: Defaulting the video to screen takeover and play through 1x. Results are pending, deploying in the upcoming sprint.  

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